Who I am ….

I am a wife.        I am a mom.      I am an aerialist.     I am a fighter.      

I am a band manager.     I am a volunteer.         I am a thrill seeker.         

I am resilient.     I am a friend.     I am a Crohnie.     I am adventurous.          

I am funny.       I am happy.        I am strong.       I am a lover of life.          

I am a coffee lover.       I am an ostomate.     I am fierce.          I am grateful.   

I am optimistic.     I am beautiful.         I am a survivor.         I am hopeful.

I am all these things and more .…..

Hey there!  I am Janie and I AM all of those things.  In my first 40 years on this giant ball we call earth, I’ve had an interesting life.  I was going to say “I’ve led an interesting life” but while typing that it occurred to me that perhaps I haven’t really “led” anything.  No, I think life has just dragged me along the way and while hanging on tight, I’ve tried hard to enjoy the ride.

At the age of 22, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  At the age of 30, I became an ostomate.  At the age of 33, I became the legal guardian for my mom who has a traumatic brain injury from an auto accident in 1976.   In addition to all that craziness,  I am also married to Bryan and we have two very cool –  very handsome sons, Austin and Lucas.

With this blog, I hope to – finally – document my life’s journey and if, while doing so, I happen to help someone along the way … well.. even better.

Welcome to my world.  I hope you’ll sip a hot cup of coffee and stay a while.


~ J